The Hard Love Series

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Risking It All



Book One of the series introduces you to Kenya Davis and Simon Washington. Their worlds collide in a mashup of uncertainty and desire. Simon's life is turned upside down, taking him from affluent businessman to fugitive.  Kenya, already reeling from her own personal hell, is thrust into his world, wanting to comfort Simon but should she? Simon should push her away, but the sweetness of her presence is hard to resist when he needs it so much. 



I Give You Me


                        BOOK TWO

                        A NOVELLA

The story continues with Simon's best friend Christopher—dark and hard to read, Christopher walks that line of complete control. But there is one person who can unravel his heart like no one else. Syeda is familiar with the pain of loss. Her life has been defined by it. Her father , a man she never met haunts her. The mother who she loves, losses her battle with cancer and the man she loves, she lost because of her lies. Time should heal all wounds but there is no guarantee. Now, back in each other's orbit, the same fire that once engulfed them is raging. Can Syeda and Christopher survive this flame without being destroyed in the process?



About the author


Joyce d'Mot writes sexy, contemporary romance novels with wit, humor and killer angst. Her story begins in the United States Virgin Islands where as a little girl, she wrote poems and short stories to entertain herself.  A graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a masters degree in Social Work, Joyce prides herself on recognizing the complexities of human behavior. Her stories are filled with relationships and characters readers will immediately connect with. Her writing hero, Maya Angelou said "words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."  Joyce endeavors to create  works that embody that sentiment. She believes that Life set to Words is nothing short of Magic.


WNBA-Atlanta Chapter President

Member Romance Writers of America-Georgia